Galdr - ongoing webcomic - sample pages below

My current, ongoing webcomic series about the power in words, mental health and communication.

Read it online at

Nettle Wine - sample pages below

An 8 page comic based on the lyrics of the song, Nettle Wine, by Ralph McTell.

The Kelpie - sample pages below

A 26 page, bittersweet love story adapted from a folk tale from the Scottish isles.

GBBO, The Wrath of Hollywood - sample pages below

A 12 page parody comic about the Great British Bake Off… and Paul Hollywood’s troubling aura.

Hallucination - full comic below

CW: contains blood and gore

A 12 page comic about two idiots who have a bad time in the ocean. Features a selkie.

Diary Comics

February the First 1 & 2 - full comics below

Both of these comics were made for Hourly Comic Day 2018 & 2019.

I drew the 2019 comic during a period of recovery from De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my drawing hand, so the drawings were a little wobbly in places because of the injury! Despite this, I’m still pleased with the way they came out.


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